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Stay in style, rent with confidence
Distinctive homes, exceptional service
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About Us

France:Homestyle is a group of French and French-American travel professionals dedicated to providing property and vacation rental services beyond what is traditionally available. For more than 20 years we have emphasized attentive, individual service for each of our customers, making their experience simple and stress-free.
First hand knowledge of every property
How can we be sure you’ll love your rental property in France unless we love it? At France:Homestyle we visit every property we offer, unlike run-of-the-mill booking agencies. Is it big enough for our family? Will my spouse like it? Is it really close to the business or entertainment district? We know the rooms, the streets, the owners, and we constantly update our descriptions based on what our clients and overseas representatives tell us. At France:Homestyle every description is accurate, every recommendation a personal recommendation.
Unparalleled knowledge of France
We’re not just a storefront for renting properties – we’re specialists who live and breathe France. At France:Homestyle we know the country, its language, its geography, its attractions, its people.
Attentive care throughout the rental process
When we’ve handed you the key, our service to you is not over. We'll be there for you throughout your stay. If you have a problem or emergency, or if you need extra advice on planning a day trip, you can count on your friends at France:Homestyle. Tout le plaisir sera pour nous!

Why Rent with France: Homestyle and not Airbnb?
  • FHS has staff on hand in Paris at all times to come to your rescue if there is a leaking toilet or problem starting the internet, whereas you are more likely to be left to your own devices with Airbnb.
  • You’ll find less personal clutter in our properties which are specifically outfitted for vacation rentals and not otherwise occupied by their owners, as is the case with Airbnb.
  • Consistency of experience: our small dedicated staff manages 95% of our properties in Paris and knows each one inside and out. With Airbnb it’s a different person and different experience every time, so you never quite know what you’ll get.
  • Our rental process is far more personal: call or e-mail us directly for in-depth conversation with one our helpful consultants without having to navigate the irritating anonymity of Airbnb’s process.
  • We work with you to find just the right property based on your needs and desires: we won’t place you in an apartment that we know won’t suit you. With Airbnb you’ll be dealing with just the owner who has one objective: to get you to rent their property.
  • Our properties are carefully chosen and tended to, rather than the bazaar you’ll find on Airbnb. We choose our apartments for their central locations and amenities that we know will please discriminating guests. You’ll never be stranded in a bad neighborhood or far from the city center.

    Stay in style, rent with confidence
    Distinctive homes, exceptional service

About Vincent
Vincent Pierre joined France:Homestyle in the summer of 2016.
Born and raised in France, Vincent got an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He later on set up his own consulting firm in Paris and conducted assignments in 28 countries.
Vincent has strong skills for customer services in the hospitality business and for relationships with real-estate owners. He works closely with our Seattle Team to grow the business in France and in the USA.
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