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Henri with tour group

Tour with Henri in France

“Claudette, I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our time with Henri. We had a memorable day in Reims, and thoroughly enjoyed all the history and information he had to share with us. He is a wonderful man; we will definitely share his name with friends and family so they can use his services in the future.”
~ Patty & Jon
“Ann and I just returned from the Great Cité. Wonderful experiences there, great recommendation in Henri Leers –he is fabulous, and we found the French to be such friendly, patient people. We were very impressed by everything.”
~ John S.

"Henri is an amazing ambassador for France. His knowledge of France, excellent story-telling style, infinite patience, and truly wonderful personality are beyond compare. He greatly enriches the French experience and makes our vacations incredibly special. We love Henri! THANK YOU FRANCE: HOMESTYLE FOR EVERYTHING!"
~ Deborah C.


Our Tour Guide

A former international corporate executive, Henri is a lover of history, a consummate storyteller, a peerless driver, and an experienced guide. He specializes in Normandy and Northern France, and he is also known for his unforgettable Paris tours.

In Paris and Northern France, there is one way to find anything you want to know: ask Henri. A master tour guide, driver, and fount of knowledge about all things French, Henri will take you to see the sights you’ve dreamed of seeing. He will drive you comfortably in his van (sparing you the expense of a rental car and the necessity of fighting Parisian traffic) and entertain you with lively commentary. Available through France: Homestyle, Henri’s tours are reasonably priced. He’ll save you time by preparing your itinerary, making reservations and checking museum hours.

Please send your request by email to Henri, he will send you a quote and detailed itineray uppon request. 

Some of the trips you might think of planning with Henri:
  • Find your French ancestors
  • See the battlefields of WWI
  • Tour the major landing beaches of WWII
  • Rouen, the jewel of Normandy
  • Medieval town of Bayeux and its Tapestry
  • Mont St. Michel, Etretat, Honfleur, Deauville
  • Loire Valley
  • Champage region
  • And more...