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Ajaccio:  City on the Island of Beauty

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Sitting on the southwestern coastline of Corsica, known as the “Island of Beauty”, the capital city of Ajaccio attracts visitors year round with its soft Mediterranean climate, elegant boutiques and cafés, and dreamy white sand beaches. Rolling green mountains provide a stunning natural backdrop to the elegant and cosmopolitan city center, with ancient streets winding down to a sparkling harbor. Visitors will be enchanted by the relaxed island lifestyle and romantic grandeur of Ajaccio.

Best known as Napoleon’s birthplace, Ajaccio bears the mark of the famous Emperor in numerous ways, including monuments such as the Municipal Library, the National Museum of Bonaparte’s home, and the 16th century cathedral in which he was baptized. Ancient Greek and Italian roots contribute to the rich amalgam of cultural influences that have left their imprint on Ajaccio throughout history.

Today, Ajaccio’s large town squares, framed by rows of palm trees and pastel-hued buildings, are gathering places to relax and socialize over espresso and Arezzo, the delicious local sparkling water. Local markets feature flavorful sheeps milk cheeses, charcuterie, wild honey, wine and other delicacies that characterize the rustic Corsican cuisine. Residents are warm, easygoing and justifiably proud of their home land.

Lovers of nature will find a variety of aquatic sports in and around Ajaccio, as well as fantastic hiking and cycling opportunities. Boat trips to nearby islands are a wonderful day excursion, and you can return in the evening to sip a glass of floral Corsican rosé and be treated to a picture-perfect sunset. Or follow the coastline to the southeast as it curves around the Gulf of Ajaccio along the Route des Sanguinaires towards Porticcio. This gem of a town offers some of Corsica’s most exquisite beaches, interspersed with idyllic little private coves and bays.

Back in the rolling green hills above the coastline of Porticcio is a marvelous villa overlooking the sea. Ajaccio Bay Villa has five bedrooms and three baths, accommodating up to ten guests in total comfort. From its multiple terraces and a sprawling pool patio, the home offers incredible views of the Mediterranean. Renting a home such as the Ajaccio Bay Villa will allow visitors to be steeped in the wild beauty of this exquisite island.