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Brittany: A Land Rich in Natural Beauty and History
Brittany France Vacation Coast Beach

Brittany is a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean located in the northwest region of France. The area is popular for an array of outdoor recreational and sightseeing opportunities. The temperature is usually mild year-round making Brittany a great place to visit any time of the year. 

Visitors come to Brittany to enjoy the many beaches along the coastline.  Brittany ranks second in terms of most popular beaches in France next of course to those along the Mediterranean especially those along the Southern Coast of Brittany.  Since the climate is moderate, visiting the Beaches of Brittany is a must no matter when you plan your visit.  In the summer, temperatures are warm but not extreme such as those in the South of France.  The white, sandy beaches and natural coves beckon those seeking relaxation or adventure in the surf and sun.

Besides its natural beauty, Brittany has a long history that includes both ancient and modern history with many places of historical significance to visit. Nantes is the sixth largest town in France and has a rich history dating back to the times of Roman rule in France. The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany which is located in Nantes survives intact from medieval times and provides a panoramic view of the city from above its walls. This historic castle is built with huge defensive walls which you are allowed to climb and explore. It also has a museum inside where you can see historical paintings, photographs and other exhibits on the region. The castle is strategically located next to other sites like Cathedral of Nantes so you will just have to walk a short distance to visit another grand example of Brittany history.

You can also tour another popular city in Brittany known as Rennes to see the stunning Parliament of Brittany. This is one of the oldest and most outstanding parliaments in the whole of Europe. The exterior of the building and the interior do not disappoint.  The unique decor, dramatic paintings, monogram decorations and carved wooden ceiling make the Parliament of Brittany a beautiful work of art.

You also need to see the popular stone construction in Brittany, the Megaliths site. In this area, you’ll see a huge stone that has been broken in 4 pieces and scattered house dwellings. There is also a burial chamber on site with a huge tomb. The megalithic site is located in Locmariaquer but there is another one in a nearby town known as Carnac. The Carnac stones are about a hundred stones which have been aligned in a number of rows.
Castle of Vitre Brittany Northwest France
Castle of Vitre, Brittany France
Don’t leave Brittany without visiting the awe inspiring view of the coast at Pointe de Pen Hir. This is one of the best places to get a stunning view of the rocky cliffs and waves smashing along the rugged coastline of Brittany. Pointe de Pen Hir is rich in history which includes a huge monument to remember the Breton freedom fighters and navy men who fought in the World War II. You can see amazing artifacts at the memorial museum located on this site.

Ploumanach is another site along the Brittany coast not to be missed. Ploumanach is know for its surreal rock formations that almost defy the imagination. Huge pink granite boulders cover certain sections of the coast that create a magical experience especially at sunset when they glow a pink-reddish color.

If you still have time, make sure you visit the villages and towns of Brittany. St Malo and Vitre are particularly special and worth your visit. St Malo is near Normandy and has tidal islands and a ferry connection to allow people to cross over the other side. 

Where to stay while visiting Brittany or other locations in Northwest France such as Normandy and the Loire Valley is a good reason to contact the travel consultants at France Homestyle.  They are truly experts in everything that is France and can help make your visit a great one.  France Homestyle has a number of vacation rentals in Brittany one of which is Baie d'Audierne a beautifully crafted home that welcomes up to ten guests to a seaside retreat located on a bluff with stunning views of the nearby Bay.  A classic Bretonne-style home nestled in the rolling hills of Brittany is Maison de Granit a well preserved and updated farmhouse with all the amenities yet still very close to the beach and historical venues in the area.  Similarly located is La Ferme Bretonne comprised of three stone houses with eight bedrooms nearby the  village of Quimperlé and just a half hour from Pont-Aven home to 19th century artists such as Gauguin with many galleries and museums. Brittany is a beautiful place with much to offer to those who visit its coast, countryside or cities.