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Latin Quarter Paris 5th and 6th Arrondissement

Pantheon Latin Quarter Paris with Traffic View

The Latin Quarter of Paris spreads over the 5th and 6th arrondissements. It is on the left bank of the Seine River and known as the students’ quarter as it is home to eminent places of learning including France's most famous university – the Sorbonne. The history of the quarter goes back to the 6th century. As Latin was then the language of learning, it gets its name from the concentration of schools there. In the 21st century, the Latin Quarter is still known as a center of higher learning. There you'll also find everything that made you want to travel to Paris: shops, boutique stores, bookstores, ancient churches, Roman ruins and bustling cafes. The unpretentious and friendly area is also known for its nightlife and fashionable atmosphere.

Unlike other Paris districts which had their highs and lows, the Latin Quarter has attracted visitors, scholars, students and travelers from all over the world for decades. Its distinctive historical atmosphere, its narrow streets, leaning houses, hidden gardens and courtyards combined with its vibrant everyday life account for the Quarter mythical fame.

Rue Mouffetard is an ancient Roman road, mostly pedestrian and lined with restaurants, cafes and stores. You can find specialty food stores along this road, a fish market and a fresh produce market at the end of the road. Place St. Michel is a busy Square and the heart of the Latin Quarter, at its center is the pink marble fountain (1816). On the Square you can enjoy outdoor cafes with great views of Notre Dame and the Seine River. Besides the beautiful world famous cathedral, Notre-Dame de Paris , the other must see sites include the Sorbonne and across from it the grand Pantheon, final resting place of Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Zola, Marie Curie and Rousseau and many more. The Pantheon was commissioned in 1764 by Louis XV in honor of Paris' patron saint, Saint Genevieve. It has high vaulted ceilings, domes and wonderful murals and mosaics.

The Latin Quarter is rich with museums like the Curie Museum and the Museum of the Prefecture of Police. Don’t miss the Musee du Moyen Age, or Musee de Cluny, housed on the site of former Franco-Roman baths in Hotel de Cluny. The museum covers everything to do with the Middle Ages.

The architecture of the Latin Quarter includes several stunning churches. The Church of St. Severin on Rue Saint-Severin has a beautiful rose window and Gothic sculptures on the exterior. Church of St. Etienne-du-Mont has some fine examples of stone sculptures and contains the shrine of the patron saint of Paris, St. Genevieve. The Church of St. Julien-le-Pauvre is a Gothic style 13th century Greek Catholic church and nearby in Square Rene Viviani is the oldest tree in the city, "Lucky Tree of Paris" planted in 1602.

Book lovers will spend hours searching through the shelves of Shakespeare & Co one of Paris' most famous English language book stores. Literary fans can see where Hemingway lived and where James Joyce finished Ulysses. When the sun goes down the exciting nightlife of the Latin Quarter begins with jazz clubs, nightclubs, bars and authentic French bistros. 
Shakespeare and Company Bookstore Latin Quarter Paris Front View


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