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Left Bank vs Right Bank:  Which One is Right for You?

You have probably heard about the ‘Left Bank’ and ‘Right Bank’ in Paris. If you are planning on visiting the French capital you might want to know which bank is better for accommodation, dining, sightseeing and basically the one that will offer you the best stay. There are reasons why travelers may prefer one side over the other. Residents have their reasons to live in one bank over the other too. Let’s look at some of the major differences between the Right Bank and Left Bank in Paris for tourists.

The Left Bank is called La Rive Gauche and it is on the southern side of the Seine River. The bank has 6 arrondissements and most people regard it as the artistic part of the French capital. Historically, it was home to some of the most popular artists and writers in Paris like Picasso and Matisse. Generally speaking, real estate is more expensive on the Left Bank and there are many high-end neighborhoods, magnificent apartments and fine dining establishments.

The Latin Quarter area of the Left Bank has a high population of students, thanks to the Sorbonne University and other academic institutions. This thriving student population means it's more likely to find budget-friendly eateries and night clubs. Other attractions on the Left Bank include the Eiffel Tower, Musée d’Orsay, Paris Catacombs, Montparnasse Cemetery and Luxembourg Gardens.

The Right Bank in Paris is to the north of the Seine River. It is larger than the left bank, with 14 arrondissements. Paris' largest businesses and banks are located here. It is assumed to have a more orderly layout compared to the left which appears somehow chaotic. The Paris Metro makes it easy to access anywhere in Paris regardless of where you live. Some of the attractions on the Right Bank include the Champs-Elysées, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Tuileries Gardens and Montmartre neighborhood.

France Homestyle has a wide selection of options for vacation rentals in both the Left and Right Banks of Paris of all types and sizes.  For 2 or 3 people, there are a number of studio or one-bed room apartments to choose from.  In the Left Bank, there is Petit Pont a charming two-story one bedroom located in the heart of the Latin Quarter overlooking Notre Dame Cathedral.  Saint Sulpice located in the Left Bank is a studio apartment renovated by a contemporary French designer that is both stylish and convenient to shops and restaurants.  If you are looking for something with more than one bedroom, Luxembourg Two Bedroom apartment rental is 1075 square feet well appointed with new appliances and located in the much desired St. Germain-des-Près neighborhood next to the Luxembourg Gardens.

On the other side of the River Seine, there are apartments large and small available for short or long term rental.  Newly renovated luxury apartment, Miromesnil is located in the upscale 8th arrondissement.  Bella Marais is a two bedroom rental apartment in the heart of Le Marais renovated and redecorated in 2011 easy walking distance from best museums, cafés, restaurants and boutiques of this charming neighborhood of the Right Bank.  Whether you choose to stay in the Right or Left Bank, exploring each area is a must because both are close to one another and just a short walk, cab, metro or bus ride away.