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Lavender Tours of Provence

You have seen pictures of lavender fields that look like a painting by Van Gogh. You have experienced the sight of lavender. But you can only experience its beauty and fragrance by taking a tour of the lavender fields in Provence, France.  The lavender growing area of France is located in Southeast France centered around the town of Avignon from where you can travel in any direction to find and explore the waving fields of purple by car, bus, bike or on foot.
The best time to visit Provence for your lavender experience is towards the end of June until the first part of August.  Late spring and early summer provide the perfect weather for lavender blooms and offer every visitor stunning views. Most lavender tours of Provence are set during specific times to avoid disappointments. If you are planning on a full day tour then expect nothing but pure fun and adventure.

There is nothing more amazing than walking among the lavender and sunflower fields following a path of beautiful colors and scents in and around Provence. There are so many lavender tours that you can select based on your budget and available time. You can opt for a full day tour or an evening lavender tour depending on what you prefer.

You can discover Provence on any day of the week. There are tours that run from Monday through Sunday. You can choose half day, full day, morning, or afternoon tours of Provence. You’ll be taken around by air conditioned buses and get to discover the beauty of Provence.

Lavender is used in so many ways. It can be used to soothe insect bites, repel insects and moths, soothe headaches and even cure acne. It is also used in aromatherapy and as a major product in household supplies like room fresheners.

One of the most popular lavender farms in Provence is La Ferme de Gerbaud. The farm not only has an array of aromatic plants but also horses, donkeys and other animals. You can get a guided tour to this popular farm and get in touch with nature in Provence. Another organic lavender farm is Les Lavandes du Gaec Champelle. Groups can visit this farm after making an appointment. You will find small shops that sell lavender products grown within the farm.

There is also a lavender museum, Musée de la Lavande where you will get all the information you want to know about lavenders. The museum has a collection of copper stills and a visitor shop where you can buy lavender products. At the museum, you are going to learn all there is to know about lavender. 

If you prefer an organized and educational experience, there are guided bus tours many of which depart from Avignon where you will spend the entire day visiting the most beautiful fields and learning about this amazing fragrant purple flower. Look out for tours to Sault, Apt or Gordes. There are many bus tour companies that can arrange your trip. You can ask the Avignon office de Tourisme to recommend a reliable bus company that offers lavender tours. Most lavender tours pass through Mazan, Villes Sur Auzon and Sault.

You can take a morning or evening small group tour to the lavender fields. The tour may begin at Avignon and include a stop at villages like Gordes and the lavender museum in Coustellet. You will also have the opportunity to shop for lavender products in Sault and other villages. For the oenophile, combine a tour of the superb wineries in the area with sights, smells and tastes of lavender, a truly unique experience.

While on tour, you will come across concentrations of lavender and also be advised on the best times to visit the lavender fields to experience their full effect. Lavender usually begins to blossom around the last week of June until the beginning of August when it is harvested. Lavender is usually at its peak in July but this will vary significantly depending on the amount of rain in Spring. 

What better way to fully experience and explore the lavender growing regions of Provence than staying in one of France Homestyle’s vacation rentals in the area.  One such area is the village of Lourmarin, listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, where you can stay in the Lourmarin Villa, a spacious elegant estate surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and almond trees with many lavender fields nearby.  Bastide des Oliviers located ½ mile from Loumarin is a beautiful country three bedroom, three bath house with swimming pool, gardens and fruit orchards.  From both properties, reaching the nearby village of Lourmarin is a pleasant short walk through the countryside into the village where you can experience the many shops, galleries, restaurants, and outdoor market for a sampling of the local produce and cuisine of the region.

Located near the Lavender Museum in the tiny village of Goult is the enchanting six bedroom property of Goult Villa with truly rustic Provencal charm.  Stone tile floors, arched ceilings, exposed beams with a natural stone pool in its center take you back in time to the 16th century when the property once served as a silkworm farm.  Enjoy the rooftop deck with views of the Luberon Valley while also having all of the conveniences of modern living, including a media room with home cinema, cable, internet as well as a library and lounge room both equipped with air conditioning.  Returning to the Goult Villa after your tour of the lavender fields nearby will make your stay in Provence a truly memorable experience.