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Montmartre: Vie de Quartier

It is said that each neighborhood in Paris has its own “vie de quartier”, a unique local flavor formed by its history and physical environment and reflected in its fashion, public art, cafés and restaurants, and cultural establishments. No part of Paris better illustrates this idea than Montmartre.

Perched high on a hill north of the city center, Montmartre was once a rural area dotted with windmills and vineyards. Early on, local wineries spawned a festive culture of drinking, and the area, populated by the poorer working class, became a hub for revolutionary politics. Numerous artists were drawn to the cheaper rentals, liberal counterculture, natural landscapes and vantage points offering sweeping views of the Metropolis. Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Utrillo, and Toulouse-Lautrec were among the many to depict the raucous nightlife and village charm of Montmartre throughout the centuries. Cabaret theaters such as Le Chat Noir and the Lapin Agile also attracted a diverse and playful crowd of performers, students and intellectuals mocking the French bourgeoisie.

Today this Bohemian spirit is alive and well and Montmartre has become one of Paris’ most hip and sought-after neighborhoods, full of hidden treasures in the form of artists’ studios, magical little shops and garden courtyards. Visitors can expect lively street performers, elaborate public art and a vibrant nightlife, as well as trendy boutiques, excellent bakeries and restaurants, and monuments such as the breathtaking Sacré Coeur basilica.  Tiny cobblestone squares and long meandering streets continue to evoke the ancient charm of French village life, and those with the courage to climb one of the many dizzying stairwells in Montmartre will be treated to truly unforgettable views of the City of Lights.

France Homestyle offers wide selection of rental apartments for your stay in Montmartre while in Paris. Montmartre One Bedroom rental apartment is a modern, updated one-bedroom ideal for couples. Rue Saint-Rustique vacation rental  is a spacious and quiet apartment in the heart of Montmartre.  Located in the Abbesses neighborhood one of the trendiest and highly sought-after areas of Paris, Moulin de la Galette apartment is nestled  amongst tiny cobblestone squares alive with café culture and street perfomers, labyrinthine streets, steep staircases adorned by local artists, and myriad vantage points from which to admire the extraordinary landscape of Paris rooftops.  Rue Lepic is a cozy fully renovated apartment located in a brick building at the top of historic Rue Lepic, in the heart of the Montmartre neighborhood.  Along Rue Lepic, you can see the former homes of painters Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, and Van Gogh.

Vacation rentals are the best way to experience Paris first hand just like its full time residents. With Montmarte rental apartments from France Homestyle you are also getting help from specialists who live and breathe France.  We have actually lived in Paris and have the advantage of an insider’s knowledge of the city.

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